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Bonafide Photoshoot

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Recently, Trent Chau, an amazingly talented photographer, teamed up with Bonafide to shoot

some awesome new merchandising pictures. The pictures include the newest apparel line

Bonafide has to offer along with many unseen and limited garments. The product highlights of

the shoot were the newly released Smite Pantheon Hats. On the other hand, the model

highlights of the shoot were the two models Cameron Keesling and Victoria Sun. They did an

amazing job photographing.

Cameron is an international fashion model, actor and good looking man. He is a pleasure to

work with and has the feel for getting the best shots possible. His dedication to modeling is

unsurpassed and his will to succeed will only continue to bring him to the highest status


Victoria is an amazing person, model, actress and beautiful woman. She is dedicated to

creating high quality pictures at whatever it takes. Victoria has been a Bonafide supporter from

the beginning and is always putting her full heart into her work.

The goal of the shoot is to showcase the style, fit, quality and progression Bonafide is making

towards outfitting you. We are dedicated to making the highest quality shirts, designs, fabrics

and fits.

Thank you for all the support and I hope you enjoy the new line up as much as we do.

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