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Bonafide has recently teamed up with national artists to provide them with high quality clothing

to wear when they are expressing themselves on stages performing. In addition, Bonafide has

designed pro model shirts for these artists to promote for their fans to allow the spread of their

brand to all of their fans.

Brendon is a national artist based out of Alabama. His flow is one of a kind and his heart and

passion for music is unsurpassed. He is dedicated to the cause and a firm Bonafide supporter.

Frost is a national artist based out of Chicago. Frost is a veteran of the rap game and extremely

talented in his lyrics and music. His drive and determination are going to move mountains.

Kris is a national based artist from Atlanta. His crafty lyrics are one of a kind and his flow is

dreamy. He is completely dedicated and committed to spreading his love for music. You can find

his famous Dope Lady shirt in the Bonafide Shop.

Austin Fillmore is a national based artist residing in Chicago. His determination and heart for

music has been consistent for many years. He is passionate and dedicated to becoming a great

name in the rap industry.

Fly Ty is a local Atlanta DJ and MC. He has shown a lot of love to Bonafide and does a ton of

work for the music industry. Ty is an awesome persona and dedicated to getting everyone to

have a good time.

Thanks to all of the above guys for the support. We can’t wait to grow our industry as well as

yours together. Check them out and show some love and support for their hard work and