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The Pantheon hats were by far the most popular merchandise at the Smite World Championship 2016. Majority of the hats sold out in under a day.

Pantheon hats are now available for pre order! Make sure to get yours before they sell out again!

Every hat pre order will receive a free pin pack!

Happy Pre ordering

Bonafide Artists

Bonafide has recently teamed up with national artists to provide them with high quality clothing to wear when they are expressing themselves on stages performing. In addition, Bonafide has designed pro model shirts for these artists to promote for their fans to allow the spread of their brand to all of their fans. Brendon is [...]

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Pantheon Hats

The long awaited Smite Pantheon Hats have officially hit the market. These pantheon hats areone of a kind and made of the highest quality materials. They are unlike any other hat and made of materials to completely form fit to your head. The hats emulate the flags of the almighty Smite pantheons. Each hat specifically [...]

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Bonafide Photoshoot

Recently, Trent Chau, an amazingly talented photographer, teamed up with Bonafide to shootsome awesome new merchandising pictures. The pictures include the newest apparel line Bonafide has to offer along with many unseen and limited garments. The product highlights of the shoot were the newly released Smite Pantheon Hats. On the other hand, the model highlights [...]

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